Stimulation of Beta Brain Waves Improves Verbal And Reading Skills In Students

Student Unable To ConcentrateBeta brain waves are associated with normal waking consciousness and are important for proper mental functioning.

Inadequate beta activity can lead to cognitive disorders such as ADD or mental disorders such as depression and insomnia.

The beta state is linked to focus, concentration, and problem solving activity. Some of the common medications that are used to treat ADD by improving focus and concentration will induce a beta state.

Beta stimulation through brainwave entrainment can also achieve those same results, improving a person’s focus and concentration.

Check out this infographic released by Transparent Corp:

Beta Brain Waves Infographic




  1. shanthi says:

    My daughter who is 9 years old finds it hard to focus and study and is a bit hyperactive. Is this suitable for her?

    • Brainwave entrainment is safe for kids, but it is recommended that younger children get checked out by a doctor to make sure they don’t have any conditions that may cause seizures. This is due to the fact that children are more susceptible to seizures under certain conditions.

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